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Buckley Hall


Since its opening in 1995 as the 4th contracted out prison in the UK HMP Buckley Hall has undergone many innovations and changes. The original operator was Group 4 Prison Services and they held the contract for 5 years before failing to secure the contract following a retendering process. In 2000 HMP Buckley Hall came into public sector management under a new Service level Agreement. In 2003 the prison re-roled and became a female prison and then due to the rising number of male prisoners in the estate and the decrease in female prisoners it re-roled back to a Male Cat C training Prison in 2005. From 2009 to 2011 HMP Buckely hall underwent another tendering process and in March 2011 the contract was again awarded to the Public Sector Prisons. It operates still as a male Cat C Training Prison.

Buckley Hall Road
OL12 9DP
Tel: 01706 514 300
Fax: 01706 514 399
Governor: Susan Kennedy
4 units (2 x 132, 1 x 126, 1 x 60) all cellular, A Care and Separation unit holds 10 prisoners. There is full integral sanitation and all wings have pin phone facilities, in cell TV (prisoners charged £1 per week) and associated equipment. Communal dining on the wings is encouraged.
Reception criteria:
Sentenced male category C prisoners primarily form the North West and Greater Manchester who are wanting to progress to open conditions. The establishment has implemented a ‘working in prison’ model so all prisoners except those over retirement age are expected to take part in either work or education full time. Due to the residential units being on a 1:15 hill we are unable to accept prisoners with respiratory or mobility issues.
Operational capacity: 445

Dentistry in prisons

This book is a valuable tool for all members of the prison dental team, in particular, those starting out in a career in prison dentistry or special care dentistry.

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