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HMP Northumberland
NE65 9XG
Tel: 01670 762300
Fax: 01670 762301
Visits Booking Line - 01670 383170
Operational Capacity: 1348
CNA: 1354

HMP Northumberland was formerly two separate prisons situated a few hundred meters apart - namely, HMP Acklington and HMP Castington. The merger of the two prisons was announced in 2010 and work began in April 2011 to merge all of the functions. On 31 October 2011, the merged prison became known as HMP Northumberland. The physical merge of the prison has now been completed, with the erection of a fence linking the two sites. Northumberland now has one Gate and one Reception.
HMP Acklington was a Male Adult Category C Training Prison and, until 1970, was an RAF Station; a large hangar, mess building and former workshops remain. Acklington held short-term, medium-term, long-term prisoners, IPP and up to 35 life sentenced prisoners progressing towards release. HMIP published a positive report on HMP Acklington in 2009, stating that their inspection found a greatly energised and much better managed prison. 
HMP Castington was originally a satellite of HMP Acklington before becoming independent in 1983, when it was used to accommodate long-term offenders up to the age of 21.  At the beginning of 1999, a further unit was opened to hold unconvicted young people, and in April 2000 was again re-roled to become part of the juvenile estate as well as a young offender prison.  A section 91 unit was opened in August 2000 to hold up to 40 juvenile offenders. In 2010, the establishment re-roled and became a Male Adult Category C prison.
From the 1 December 2013 HMP Northumberland formally transferred to the management of Sodexo Justice Services. 
Key Officials

Governor: Mr Matt Spencer
Accommodation Facilities

Fifteen House Blocks (HBs) - all single cell accommodation. The Gateway Unit is a dedicated drug free/recovery unit. The other fourteen HBs hold convicted category C prisoners. Five of these HBs hold VPs; the rest are all classified as normal location.
All cells have their own light switch with integral sanitation and a kettle. Prison issue duvets are provided. Prisoners are not permitted to have pets. In-cell TV is available to all Enhanced and Standard prisoners. Own clothes may be worn on residential units during association periods; prison clothing is provided and worn for attending places of work, chapel and visits. Prisoners are entitled to items as identified on the establishment’s facilities list according to their regime level. Bail Information & Personal Officer Scheme, OASys/Sentence Planning and Drug Counselling are all available. Various behaviour improvement programmes are provided.  Pin phones available on all HBs (phone calls monitored). Mail opened and checked.

Prison Shop
Central Canteen contracted out to DHL. Bagging system in operation and issued once per week. Goods are ordered from a defined list and delivered on Fridays.
Complaints procedure

Complaint forms are freely available to all prisoners if their issue cannot be resolved informally. 


Dentistry in prisons

This book is a valuable tool for all members of the prison dental team, in particular, those starting out in a career in prison dentistry or special care dentistry.

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