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Wormwood Scrubs


The prison was built between 1875 and 1891. In 1902 the last female prisoner was transferred to HMP Holloway. In 1922 one wing became a borstal. During World War II the prison was used by the War Department. In 1994 a new hospital wing was completed and in 1996 2 of 4 wings were refurbished to modern standards, and a fifth wing completed.

HMP Wormwood Scrubs
P.O. Box 757
Du Cane Road
W12 0AE
Tel: 020 8588 3200
Fax: 020 8588 3201
Governor: Gary Monaghan
Operational Capacity: 1279
Reception Criteria: Wormwood Scrubs is a local category B prison and accepts all suitable male prisoners over the age of 21 from courts within its catchment area
Accommodation: The establishment has five main wings plus a number of smaller dedicated units. A and B wing manage both remand and sentenced prisoners whilst C wing manages prisoners on the Intensive Drug Treatment System which offers enhanced support for offenders with substance misuse needs.
D wing has single cell accommodation which caters for those prisoners who are the main workforce for areas such as kitchens, gardens and ground cleaning. The wing is also staffed for more difficult prisoners on the Case Management Protocol (CMP) and those unable to share accommodation.
E wing is also single cell accommodation which also houses prisoners unable to share cells and, in addition as newer and better quality accommodation, houses the majority of full-time workers such as Kitchen Orderlies.

The prison has a First Night Centre catering for prisoners being received into Wormwood Scrubs for the first time.

The Conibeere Unit (named after a former, very well-respected Officer) manages prisoners who require a substance misuse stabilisation regime.

A super enhanced unit, the Jan Wilcox Unit (named after a former, long-serving Head of Residence), manages those prisoners considered to be trustworthy and who have key roles within the establishment either as Red Band workers or as peer supporters in areas such as the Samaritans or educational support programmes.

All the accommodation has electricity and integral sanitation with a TV and accompanying furniture. There is a prison shop to provide a large selection of consumables and toiletries for weekly purchase by the prisoners. This shop is provided by DHL/Booker under a national Prison Service contract.

Dentistry in prisons

This book is a valuable tool for all members of the prison dental team, in particular, those starting out in a career in prison dentistry or special care dentistry.

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