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At HMP Thameside we provide a safe, decent, secure and respectful environment that encapsulates a wide range of constructive activities. The regime both combines and embraces work, education, vocational training, accredited offending behaviour programmes, as well as prisoner health and appropriate interventions where individual need is identified.

HMP Thameside is a Local category B establishment that can currently hold 900 convicted and remand male prisoners.
The prison has a baseline Certificate of Normal Accommodation (CNA) of 600, and an in use Operational Capacity (OP CAP) of 900 which due to national population pressures will always be under review.
The primary purpose of HMP Thameside is to deliver a service through its contractual arrangements to meet the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) objectives by:
  • Protecting the public in holding those committed by the courts in a safe, decent and healthy environment. 
  • Reducing re-offending by providing constructive regimes that address offending behaviour, improve prisoner education and work skills, provide resettlement needs and promote law abiding behaviour in custody and after release. 
Our Vision 
HMP Thameside's vision will be to provide the most productive and decent regime practicable within the contract. It will work to achieve this through its professional staff and constructive relationships with prisoners, their families and all other Criminal Justice agencies.
The Director, Assistant Directors, Managers and Staff at HMP Thameside will provide a safe, secure and respectful environment that encapsulates a wide range of constructive activities. The regime will embrace work, education, accredited course work, health, education and it will provide appropriate offending behaviour courses. The staff will also do the best they can to ensure those prisoners going back to society have robust resettlement opportunities through strong community links.
Address: Griffin Manor Way
SE28 0FJ

0208 317 9777 
Director: Guy Baulf
Controller: John Hyde
Category: Local Category B
Operational Capacity: 900
The prison accommodation is built on a five spur radial design comprising 10 individual living units.  Offices and treatment rooms are also built in to the house block core.  The building is the first in the world to be awarded, “Outstanding” for BREEAM (an environmental assessment method).  There are 10 disabled cells included in the 600 cells on the house block.  In addition there are 18 cells in the Healthcare In-Patient facility and 20 in the Care and Separation Unit, making a total of 638 cells.  All cells are fitted with showers, prisoner in cell technology and telephones that prisoners can use to access the healthcare, education and reception areas of the prison.  
Reception Criteria: 

HMP Thameside is built to Category B standards for adult male prisoners. It is local prison holding up to 75 per cent remand and 25 per cent sentenced prisoners. There is capacity to hold a small number of young adults on remand.

Dentistry in prisons

This book is a valuable tool for all members of the prison dental team, in particular, those starting out in a career in prison dentistry or special care dentistry.

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