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Hollesley Bay



Hollesley Bay opened on this site as a Borstal in 1938.  From that year and until 2006, the prison managed a 1800 acre farm on which the care of both crops and livestock, delivered employment for the prisoners. Today the establishment is an outward looking modern institution which holds sentenced adult males from 18 years and upwards without limit. The farm has gone, and a focus on resettlement and reducing re-offending is at the heart of our agenda. The establishment has developed a strong reputation in successfully preparing life sentenced prisoners for their final release. There are more than a hundred prisoners working in the community on a daily basis, and many partnership agencies work alongside prison staff, to deliver a most effective open establishment. The regime is demanding of its participants. A calm ethos of mutual co-operation, with total delivery of the sentence plan, and a commitment to the working week, are the essentials to continued occupancy at Hollesley Bay, in full preparation for release back to the community.

IP12 3JW
Tel: 01394 412400
Fax: 01394 410115
Governor: Declan Moore

Accommodation: Seven residential units are spaced across an 85 acre site which has a public road running through the middle of it.  The units are Bosmere, Blything, Cosforde, Hoxon, Samforde, Stow, and Wilforde, which are all Suffolk place names from the middle ages.  
Operational capacity: 421
Allocation criteria:
  • Male category D prisoners from 18 years upwards without limit
  • Life sentenced and IPP prisoners at Parole Board direction  
  • No current sex offenders. Prior sex offenders to be considered by the   Governor on individual merit.
  • No prisoners under going detoxification
  • Prisoners subject to the integrated drug treatment system by agreement of healthcare departments
  • Foreign Nationals must have evidence that the Criminal Casework Team at UKBA have had input into the re-categorisation and have agreed their suitability for open Prison.

Dentistry in prisons

This book is a valuable tool for all members of the prison dental team, in particular, those starting out in a career in prison dentistry or special care dentistry.

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