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Ranby is a category C male adult working prison.

Since opening as a prison in 1972, Ranby has had it’s prisoner accommodation capacity regularly and significantly increased. The most recent new accommodation was completed in 2008. 
DN22 8EU
Tel: 01777 862 000
Fax: 01777 862 001
Governor: Susan Howard
Operational Capacity: 1098 as of 31st August 2008

In order that Ranby adopts fully the Working Prison concept, a review of all prisoner accommodation is necessary.

Current usage is:

The IEPS is employed across all aspects of the prison.

Access to PIN phones is available on all units.
House Block 1, 2 & 3 have a mixture of single and double cells with integral sanitation for 116 prisoners on each wing. There are 3 landings with showering facilities on each landing. Each House Block has one central control point where staff IT & telephony is located. 
House Block 1 is the Induction unit and has a number of cells identified for new inductions. There is a lift for access to the upper landings. This unit will assess new inductions and then re-allocate to appropriate locations around Ranby.
House Block 2 is where we offer support for prisoners who have substance misuse issues. We run an IDTS (Intensive Drug Treatment service) which has a model based on reduction and not maintenance.
The other side of the unit has a Drug recovery regime which is supported by the current Health services provider Nottingham Health Care Services.
House Block 3 has recently been identified as a Resettlement unit for prisoners serving less than 12 months.
House Block 4 is a 2 storey building housing 30 cells. This unit is Ranby’s newest accommodation. All cells are double occupancy with integral sanitation and showers. This is a small detached unit within its own grounds.
House Block 5 is a 2-storey building built in July 1983 with spurred single cell accommodation, and places for 192 prisoners. It has recently been decorated throughout, and offers a TV viewing room, a games room, toasters, and DVDs. Lower risk, elderly and night shift workers are housed on this wing. 
House Blocks 6 & 7 have a mixture of single and double cells with integral sanitation and showers for 60 prisoners on each wing. Each unit is detached and within it’s own grounds. 
House Block 6 will house enhanced prisoners who engage in all areas of their sentence plan and work over and above expectations as Peer mentors.
House Block 7 is currently under review but will likely be a unit for elderly prisoners with 1 landing being designated as no smoking.
Reception Criteria: Prior arrangement is necessary for the transfer of Lifers, IPP, Score 3 prisoners, and prisoners on open ACCTs. Initial OASYs assessments & sentence plans should be completed where possible.

Prisoners subject to parole must be within 6 months of their PED. Prisoners should have at least 3 months left to serve from arrival. Ranby does not impose any reception criteria based upon length of sentence. We prefer prisoners to have at least 3 months left to serve after arrival.

HMP Ranby is a designated working prison .We would appreciate consideration from sending establishments prioritising allocating prisoners who wish to work.

ROTL opportunities are very limited.
Education is provided by Milton Keynes College.

Prison Healthcare is provided by the Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust.

A comprehensive Industries complex provides manufacturing and training to both private and public companies. 


Dentistry in prisons

This book is a valuable tool for all members of the prison dental team, in particular, those starting out in a career in prison dentistry or special care dentistry.

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